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Smoked Gourmet Mix

 This is a blend of Red Cerignola and Castelvetrano Olives that have been lightly smoked and brined. The smoke lends a mild sharpness to what are otherwise quite buttery olives. When served warm tossed with our Smoked Cypress Flake Salt they can be quite addictive!  


Smoked Pitted Castelvetranos

 A variety of olive from Castelvetrano Sicily to be precise. These olives are referred to as the genuine taste of Sicily. They are green olives, smaller than Cerignolas, with a smooth buttery flavour that is sharpened with the addition of the smoke. In pitted form they are perfect for martinis, recipes or just to sit and eat. 


Smoked Olive Tapenade

The   tapenade is made using the smoked pitted Castelvetranos, sundried tomatoes,   capers, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and cilantro, 

The   smoke flavour is subtle but lends a balance to the salty tart flavours from   the lemon juice, sundried tomatoes and capers.

Amazing   served simply with crackers and chevre or step it up and stuff a chicken   breast and wrap it with prosciutto.

This   tapenade is a versatile condiment that is bursting with flavour.

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